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With the release of “LIFE AFTER DETH,” NICK MENZA made the decision to assemble a band for tour. Searching for the best musicians, he found what he was looking for.

Now, to introduce the line-up for the new band MENZA:

NICK MENZA (former Megadeth drummer), ANTHONY GALLO (former Suicidal Tendencies guitarist), TY LONGLEY (former Samantha 7 & Great White guitarist) and JASON LEVIN (Studio bass player extraordinaire).

As you have noticed, there is no mention of a frontman. “That is still in the works.” Explains Menza. “I have to find the right guy, so we have been auditioning like mad! In the mean time, we are going over the music on the CD and doing our own writing. These players are permanent. They’re awesome to work with and it’s great to be able to have everyone participate. We get along perfectly.”

For now, the search continues for the “Right Man” to front the band. “We are taking submissions of demos. We are looking for a real strong presence like Rob Zombie has. He kicks ass and that is what we want,” exclaims Menza.

Demo submissions should be directed to:

V.Q. Promotions
4415 W. Verdugo Ave., Suite B
Burbank, CA 91505
ATTN: Demo Submissions

Music's Bottom Line / March 2002

Anyone well versed in heavy metal, especially that of the late 80’s and 90’s, is very familiar with Megadeth. To be familiar with Megadeth is to be familiar with the fantastic and extremely solid drumming of Nick Menza, who played drums for the band between 1990’s all-time classic RUST IN PEACE and 1997’s CRYPTIC WRITINGS. Jettisoned from the band in 1998, Menza disappeared off the musical map for a few years, but has recently resurfaced with a new outlook and his first solo effort, the self-produced and appropriately titled "LIFE AFTER DETH". Music’s Bottom Line recently caught up with Nick to discuss the new record, the new outlook, and his inauspicious release from Megadeth. Interviews
Interview with Nick Menza [Ex-Megadeth, Drummer]
Interview by Chris C

In 1990, it was through pure anger and aggression, coupled with the need to
vent politicial frustrations (and more than a dabble in drugs) that the
album 'Rust In Peace' was created. Megadeth's most distinctive album defined 'speed metal'. In fact, it pretty much spat at and pissed all over most
other metal records that were spewing forth at the time - in gradually
lessening creative interest. Not only did the album combine speed and power,
it also became THE record on which to admire Nick Menza, the man that beat
the living shit out of the kit to light the fire under Mustaine's famous
scowl and the furious riffing. Read full interview -->


Life After Deth
Nick Menza

CD Review by

Nick Menza, having tenured in Megadeth for ten years, breaks out on his own. Nick wrote every song on the CD, sang, and played all the instruments. In addition, Christian Nesmith, whose Dad is a primate, did a few guest guitar solos. Nick has been writing these songs for the past 13 years. With his busy role in Megadeth, time to record his own stuff was tight. But since leaving the band, and having a son, he found the time to record all his tunes. Some of them are quite good, some are OK. The main deciding factor was the vocals, as they are not to par with the music. But don't worry, cause Nick does not plan on singing on the road!

Most of the music can fall into a 80-90s metal sound, but there are a lot of interesting keyboard parts. A couple of songs had sections as if they movie scores. Nick may have a career in that as well. There were a variety of drum sounds, from open acoustic, to tight triggered sounds. He plays some cool rock shuffles, double bass chugga chugga beats, and some great sixteenth note triplet fills. The production could be better, but you can think of this as a good demo. I enjoyed listening to it, it had some nice hooks that I sang along with while driving my car to work. When Menza comes to a town near you, check them out, as they should kick some ass.

Reader Weekly By Kristain Anderson

Nick Menza
Life After Deth

Former drummer of a little band known as Megadeth, Nick Menza continues on by releasing Life After Deth. A project written, recorded, performed, and self-produced by Nick. More or less a internal project that started for own gratification eventually gathered a following and a demand by some to be released.

80's melodic influences seem to best sum up the disc. Vocal-wise is similar to Don Dokken of Dokken. Not so much the range, but what Nick sounds like. While on the topic of vocals, I noticed some of the melodies seemed out of sync or forced into their spots. Nick doesn't sing out of tune, but the melody placing is not always to smooth throughout the cd. Then you have to remember, he self-produced it and it's not like his intentions were to market it for radio. That's why most labels call in the big leaguers to bring out the hooks to sink listeners in.

What would a Menza album be without Menza drumming? Nick does a good job of not overshadowing the songs with maniac drum solos. He keeps his playing consistent and his percussion focused on the songs. The drums, however, are up on the mix and a lot of the guitar work levels are low. It has that Metallica Load and Re-Load syndrome. Which is a shame, because being a drummer, Nick does show he has great feel for the guitar. There is quite a few crushing riffs that are good enough if not better than some of Megadeth's works. Nick also does some guitar Olympics on the fret-board. The more I listened to the little solo ditties, the more they fell into place.

"Next To You" stands out amongst the rest. Maybe because it's in the middle, or it's just a down-right good song. "You Won't Forget Me" has a devilish riff, but during the verse Nick goes for some sort of tough-man singing vibe, which becomes a distraction. This happens during the majority of Life After Deth. The songs are an exploration through caves. Scattered about throughout the individual tunes are little pieces of gems. Some areas shine and some don't. In the end, I applaud Mr. Menza for his ability as an Octopus and handling all the duties. I'm glad to see Nick has found life after deth.


From the Pure Rock Shop – February 21, 2002

Menza –Life After Deth

Menzanation Records

Life After Deth, a recent release from former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza, is a difficult release to review because of its uniqueness, but certainly not a difficult listen. It was shocking to check out credits on this release and find the a musician who hid behind the shadows for so long could be capable handling guitars and bass in addition to playing drums (Not to mention the creativity behind this release). While the thematic elements surrounding the release are very dark, leading others to compare the music with that of Trent Reznor and Devin Townsend, an initial listen will reveal vocals very similar to that of Don Dokken, and at times mimicking the Megadeth grunt that will be most familiar to this album’s audience (especially on "Mastervibe").

Thirteen tracks complete the album; with highlights including mainstream rocker “In My Life” and a ray of light on the release entitled “One Nation.” With subliminal messaging and modernized techniques the album is very contemporary in nature, but still breathes from strong metal roots for those who haven't forgotten about the long stance Menza had with one of rock's fastest bands. For more information about Nick Menza, visit his official site at

Quintessence Metal Webzine – February 2002

Menza- "Life After Deth" (2002 Menza Music)

If you assumed this was ex-Megadeth drummer Nick Menza, you're absolutely correct. Nick does 85% of the music on this...yes, guitars (even lead), drums, bass and programming as well as subliminal messages put in the songs by intention. Helping on the album is lead guitarist Christian Nesmith on a few tracks and is a staple with Nick at the moment if they happen to take this on the road; more explained in the interview. The drumming, as you would expect, is incredible and the ideas Nick uses. Despite the vocals aren't really fantastic or his lead-work, which he admits, the rhythms, subliminal messages and futuristic type ideas make this an all-out original. Only two other people remind me of what one person can do within the confines of their own studios and that would be Trent Reznor and Devin Townsend. All 3 of these have great minds and take boundaries to limits unknown and always are fresh with new ideas. Thirteen (13) tracks, with a hidden bonus track as well, definitely something new for the ears to partake in.

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