January 27, 2002
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A new year has started and "Dust for Life" (Wind-up Records) is back on track. Doing a national tour, starting January 29th, to get back in touch with their fans. "We love our fans," states Jason Hughes (guitar). We can't wait to go back and rock the USA! So much has gone on, this last year, that we feel we need to go back out and touch them."

Last year, "Dust for Life" was out on the two biggest tours of the year: Creed & 3 Doors Down, as well as The Cult, Tantric, Disturbed, Orgy, Saliva and many more!

Dust For Life USA Tour:

Jan 29 th - The Vogue, Indianapolis IN
Jan 30th- The Canopy Club, Champaign IL
Jan 31st- The Duck Inn, Evansville IN
Feb 1st- Klub Phenomenon, Freeport IL
Feb 2nd- On Broadway, Springfield IL
Feb 3rd- The Pour House. Effingham IL
Feb 4th- Blue Note, Columbia MO
Feb 5th- The Music Box, Omaha NE
Feb 6th- The Rock, Wichita KS
Feb 7th- Aspen CO- TBA
Feb 8th - The Gothic Theater, Denver CO- confirmed
Feb 9th - Steam boat Springs CO - TBA
Feb 10th Casey's Golden Pheasant, Billings MT
Feb 11th The Buffalo Station, Bozeman MT
Feb 12th- Double Dribble, Spokane WA
Feb 13th- The Phat Tire, Park City UT
Feb 14th- Off-
Feb 15th- The Little Waldorf, Reno NV
Feb 16th- The Road House, Sacramento CA
Feb 17th- The Pound SF, San Francisco CA
Feb 18th- The Whiskey, LA
Feb 19th- Las Vegas-TBA
Feb 20 th - Phoenix, AZ- TBA
Feb 21st- Skrappy's, Tucson AZ
Feb 22nd- Lubbock TX-TBA
Feb 23rd- Rt. 66 Road House, Amarillo TX, confirmed
Feb 24th- Medeval Knights, San Antonio TX
Feb 25th- Trenton Point, Edinburgh TX
Feb 26- Fitzgerald's, Houston TX-
Feb 27 - Stubb's Bar B Que- Austin, TX
Feb 28- Trees, Dallas TX
March 1 -Baton Rouge LA-TBA
March 2 -, New Orleans--TBA
March 3 - Lousville KY-TBA
March 4 -Birmingham AL- TBA
March 5 - Jackson MS-TBA
March 6 - Juanita's, Little Rock AR-
March 8 - ST. Louis MO- Home

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July 17, 2001




(Memphis, TN) – The weekend of August 24th – 26th marks the first annual “Great Southern Beer Festival” and what better way to Rock then to have Memphis’s finest bands play Saturday’s main-stage?

“Dust for Life” was confirmed to play Saturday night, August 25th. Best known for their hit single “Step Into The Light, which reached #12 on the Billboard charts and their latest single release “Seed.” The band has been on the road spreading the fury of their music to fans all across North America since October 2000. Just coming off of the two most successful tours of the year, Creed and 3 Doors Down, not to mention Orgy, Tantric, Saliva and many more, DFL guarantees a high-energy impact show for the fans. Just as “Dust for Life” delivered in the studio, the band delivers on stage.

Along with “Dust for Life”, up and coming Memphis rockers “Dead Tight 5” will also hit the stage earlier that day. These guys are making a huge buzz in the music industry, with their “in your face” rock and roll style. With their new self-titled release, coming out on Brutal Records, Dead Tight 5 is sure to be next band to make an impact in the music industry.

July 18, 2001



(NYC, NY) – Dust for Life and Wind-up Records held meetings at their New York office today, to bury the hatchet. After much talk and good conversation of the situation that had caused the stalemate between the band and label, both parties agree that the best answer is to part ways.

Wind-up feels that although personal differences have been worked out, that letting the band go is the best choice. Wind-up still wants to maintain their publishing relationship, through Dwight Frye, their in-house publishing company, with the band. They will also let the band out of their contract totally, free to resume their careers without any hindrance. “We both buried the hatchet and feel good about that. We also feel that Wind-up was gracious to let us free of our contract to pursue, what they felt, is a promising career. We agree with the decision. It was a good meeting. And there is definitely no hard feelings,” says Jason Hughes, guitarist DFL. Jason goes on to say “We feel like we have a fresh start. We already have major label interest, so we are off to Ardent Studio’s to record with our original producer Pete Matthews. We are very happy. It was a good amicable split with the label.”

With a fresh start and all new songs ready to record it looks like nothing will stand in the way of Dust for Life. The band will continue their South/West tour and then immediately return to the studio for the next album. We will announce the new arrival as soon as it is born.

June 5, 2001



(Memphis,TN) - Dust for Life recently had an interview on KNAC.com, which the members voiced the truth on their current situation with their record label. As all have heard by now, the rumor that has been launched, by this interview, is that Wind-up Records dropped the band from their roster. This rumor is incorrect. They are still on Wind-up Records. Also, they have not been shopping for a new label at anytime – past or present.

Although the label has removed the bands’ official website and from the labels website, the band is still apart of Wind-up’s roster. As of today, the band is in negotiations with the label to come to an understanding and agreement as to the direction and future of the relationship. The band feels that they will be able to continue to work with the label as long as certain contractual elements are honored. However, their future with Wind-up Records is contingent on the outcome of the negotiations.

Due to the rumor started, it was told that Wind-up has received calls from other major labels as to a “buy-out” for DFL’s contract. This is a definite plus for the guys. Dust for Life will continue to rock regardless of the outcome. You can rest assured that the four rockers, from Memphis, will not be stopped.

Tonight, DFL wanted you, friends & fans, to know how much you are appreciated and thank you for all your loyalty & support! “This means a lot to us,” said Jason Hughes (guitarist). He continues to say that – “We had to stick up for ourselves. We just want to work and play. That’s all we want. All we did was tell the truth. I guess the truth is hard to take.”

If you fans and supporters - do so feel inspired – contact Wind-up Records, through their website, and tell them what you think.

You can also help by spreading the truth through your emails and websites – no one has been dropped or fired!

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Official Website: www.dustforlife.com

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